Fire Smoke Dispersion

FireHub Service Application: http://ocean.space.noa.gr/FireHub

Fire Smoke Dispersion Application (WebGIS): http://beyond.space.noa.gr/Services/flexpart/index.html

Biomass burning and ignition of wildfires are both related to climate change considerations since an increase in global temperature is expected to increase the frequency of occurrence for wild fires. Emitted biomass particles are in turn assumed to be major climate regulators playing a significant role in radiative transfer in the atmosphere and also in cloud processes. Improving our understanding and forecasting capability on these natural hazards is important for estimating future biomass emissions and their use in atmospheric models. Significant health implications are also related to public exposure in increased smoke concentrations. In this context a rather local wildfire or industry/accident fire may have serious effects for the greater area due to the transportation of smoke particles. Critical factors that determine the fate of the smoke plumes include wind patterns, atmospheric stability, mixing height, severity and duration of the fires and initial plume rise. Forecasting of fire smoke dispersion is provided through a synergistic remote sensing / modeling technique.

Detailed ignition, duration and locations of the fire spots are obtained online from the Fire Monitoring Service of the National Observatory of Athens. This information is provided every five (5) minutes from the MSG SEVIRI instrument and is used as a triggering input to the modeling applications. Smoke dispersion is computed with the Lagrangian dispersion model FLEXPART driven by WRF-ARW meteorological output at a resolution of 4×4 km over Greece.

Case Studies: GENIKI ANAKIKLOSEOS – KTIMATIKI XENODOXIAKI SA”, Aspropyrgos, Pefko Mavraki site

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