Contact Person: Dr. Ioannis Papoutsis

On September 16 2015, an Mw 8.3 earthquake hit the coast of Central Chile. The quake's epicenter was about 54 kilometers west of Illapel city and had a depth of approximately 25km. Five people were killed, 20 were reported injured and one million were evacuated from their homes after the strong quake. Tsunami alerts have been activated along the Chilean coast and flood events were recorded in Conquimbo and Tongoy regions causing damages to electricity supply infrastructures.

Shortly after the event, the BEYOND Center of Excellence acquired pre- and post-event Sentinel-1 Synthetic Aperture Radar images through NOA’s Sentinel Collaborative Ground Segment. The SAR images combined to form interferograms that depict ground deformation due to the earthquake by covering the entire affected region. The large amount of fringes, each one corresponding to 2.8 cm of ground displacement, reveals an estimated total deformation of more than 1.4m, along the viewing direction of the radar observation.


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Sentinel-1 Interferogram of the Chile Earthquake on 16/09/2015




Chile Earthquake 2015
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