The transfer of knowhow that increases substantially BEYONDS’s outreach and competitiveness is ruled by principles and provisions for Intellectual Property (IP) protection, an issue which is thoroughly studied during the lifetime of the project, to achieve an efficient and appropriate use of project’s results. A specific strategic IP plan has been proposed (WP6), to ensure and reserve copyright rights for the Intellectual Property assets produced throughout the project and review or develop (as required) the relevant contractual framework. The IP plan focuses on measures in regard to anticipated innovative outcomes of BEYOND. For example, the measures will reserve copyright rights for the IP assets and ensure that confidential information will not be available by display through the website. The applicant will be consulted regarding IP issues by a Law firm specialised in the field (WP6). Among the objectives of this collaboration is to ensure BEYOND’s strategic IP plan includes measures for the maintenance and exploitation of the IP assets produced during the performance of the BEYOND project (e.g. know-how, computational algorithms and models, patents, information databases).
BEYOND seeks for the development and implementation of a clear exploitation plan to leverage the project's achievements.