1st Announcement:
2nd South-Eastern Europe GEO Workshop on
Integrating Earth Observation Data and Services for monitoring the Environment,
protecting the citizens and stimulating the regional economic growth
20-21 October 2014, Athens


All Participants of the 2nd SE EU GEO-Workshop at the Electra Palace Conference Room


The Greek GEO Office - National Observatory of Athens (www.noa.gr) and the BEYOND project (www.beyond-eocenter.eu) announce the 2nd South-Eastern European GEO Workshop on “Integrating Earth Observation Data and Services for monitoring the Environment, protecting the citizens and stimulating the regional economic growth” focused on North Africa, Middle East and the Balkan Region.

The Greek GEO Office

The General Secretariat of Research and Technology, responsible for the representation of Greece in GEO, in collaboration with the National Observatory of Athens (NOA), decided and implemented the establishment of the Greek GEO Office, in order to coordinate the activities of GEO at the national level. The Greek GEO Office, administrated by NOA, operates since the beginning of 2007 and has as a target the effective participation of Greece to the global activities under the framework of GEO and GEOSS (Global Earth Observation System of Systems).

The BEYOND Center of Excellence

BEYOND aims to maintain and expand the existing state-of-the-art and interdisciplinary research potential, by Building a Centre of Excellence for Earth Observation based monitoring of Natural Disasters in south-eastern Europe, with a prospect to increase its access range to the wider Mediterranean region through the integrated cooperation with more than 20 twining organizations placed in Europe. The BEYOND portfolio covers a broad spectrum of natural disaster phenomena, such as earthquakes, volcanoes, extreme weather events, floods, fires, fire smoke and toxic gasses dispersion, emission concentrations, dust storms, air quality aspects and their impact to human health.


The workshop aims to identify, evaluate and report the existing GEO-GEOSS capacities in the region. It will allow assessing the compatibility and adequacy of the on-going initiatives at the European Union level, such as the European Center of Excellence BEYOND, and other networking initiatives, towards the development of an integrated, space based and in-situ, observational and service capacity, for the benefit of critical societal sectors, local economies, continuity of businesses, and the protection of citizens and ecosystems from natural and human induced disasters.

An opportunity to:

  • assess the existing human research potential and state-of-the-art,
  • report on the regional monitoring infrastructures suitable for completing GEOSS,
  • identify the service/data provider communities and their market priorities,
  • report on the end user communities and their information needs,
  • assess the existing institutional capacities and funding schemes,
  • pave the road for strengthening the cooperation in research and innovation in the region

A Round Table Discussion to report on:

  • the recorded societal requirements in terms of information and service delivery needs,
  • the existing gaps in data and skills in the region,
  • the complementarities identified between the participants,
  • the priorities set for establishing an integrated EO based Monitoring capability and Service capacity, ideally forming a Virtual Centre of Excellence in the region.


Capacity Building, Natural Disasters, Protection of the Environment, the Citizens' Health, the local Economy, and the continuity of the Businesses, Integration of EO data and Services, coordinated operation of existing EO networks

The Workshop aspires to

Exchange know-how with pioneer international organizations, universities and users, in cooperation with Space Agencies, towards:

  • Identifying monitoring needs, service capabilities and gaps.
  • Setting up innovative solutions for EO, allowing to a multitude of monitoring networks, space borne and in-situ, to operate in a complementary, unified and coordinated manner,
  • Transforming the observations to added value products ready for down-streaming to specific societal needs for disaster management,
  • Delivering online observations and higher level products to stakeholders, scientists and institutional users.

Benefits of Participation

  • Enhance the collaboration among the South – Eastern European, Middle East and the Balkan Peninsula countries, in the domain of Earth Observations,
  • Create a network of scientists and user organizations, with main goal to develop competitive profiles and innovative solutions for Earth Observation of the Environment and the Protection of the Citizens, Economy, and Businesses according to the EU policies and standards,
  • Fill in the gaps and needs in Earth Observation at regional level.


The invitation is mainly open to the following Countries (in alphabetical order):
Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, FYROM, Greece, Israel, Lebanon, Morocco, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Syria, Turkey, other GEO related projects and to the EO European and international organizations.